Mashid Mohadjerin is an Iranian born photojournalist and portrait photographer.

Her photo-essays are portrait based long-term projects. She has been turning her camera to identity and gender related issues, migration and the socially/culturally displaced. Her latest work includes photo essays on trafficking of women within the European Union and the future of young Native Americans in Oklahoma. She is currently based in Belgium.

Mashid’s photography won numerous awards among which first place in the 2009 World Press Photo Contemporary Issues category, International Photography Award, Prix de La Photo, International Talent Support. Her work was shown at Noorderlicht Photo festival in Holland, Palm Springs Photo festival in California, Fotoleggendo in Italy, traveling IOM exhibition in Central Asia, World Press Photo exhibition around the world, and the Slideluck Potshow at Aperture gallery in New York. She is represented by Redux Pictures Photo Agency in New York.

Her clients include The New York Times, Newsweek, Global Post, La Repubblica/La Domenica, The Wall Street Journal, The Globe & Mail, BBC online, MSF (Doctors Without Borders), Oxfam, Amnesty Journal, Mondiaal magazine, De Morgen, De Standaard Magazine, De Volkskrant, among others.

Mashid grew up and received her Masters in Fine Arts in Belgium and is based in New York and Belgium. 

Mashid has worked in the Middle East, Central Asia, East, West and North Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, North and Latin America. She speaks English, Dutch, Farsi and French.

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Mashid Mohadjerin
Photojournalism, Identity, Gender, Migration

Supported projects

Russia 1917-2017

  • Politics

Nostalgia or Revolution?

With the support of the Pascal Decroos Fund, MO * journalist Pieter Stockmans and photographer Mashid Mohadjerin travel through a number of important cities in European Russia to describe and image the revolutionary forces in 2017, 100 years after the Russian revolution of 1917.