Sub Saharan refugees and migrants get stranded in Libya, one of the most important transit countries, on their way to Europe. The European Union tries to keep migrants from reaching Europe by making expensive deals with the Libyan Government. 

The Libyan government successfully stops 95% of the boats trying to head for Europe since 2009. Thousands of to-be migrants are stuck in Libya without any status. There is no way forward and for some, no way back. Mashid Mohadjerin visited some of these migrants and refugees, she interviews and shows us Aleb, Daniel, Ahlas and Uche among others. 

A working grant of € 1.660 allocated on 02/06/2009.

MO* (Sept. 2010) - in Dutch

'Gestrand in transitland Libië' - MO* Online, 25/08/2010 - in Dutch
In pictures: Stranded and stuck in Libya - BBC News, 25/02/2011

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