Nadia El Khannoussi (°1984) works as a researcher for The Investigative Desk.

After studying Political Sciences, she was a junior editor at DeWereldMorgen (Brussels). Back in the Netherlands, she was part of a cross-border investigation team for the EU Arms Project, initiated by Lighthouse Reports and Bellingcat. This project came second for Best European Online Project of the Year at the 2018 Prix Europa in Berlin.

El Khannoussi has also published on and in Dutch newspaper Trouw.

(photo: Flip Franssen)

Nadia El Khannoussi

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Nadia El Khannoussi

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Big Tobacco, Small Tax Bill

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AMSTERDAM - While the Covid recovery is increasing pressure on public finances and raising the prospect of tax increases, this new research from The Investigative Desk with support from the University of Bath shows, for the first time on this scale, which tax avoidance methods the world’s four largest publicly traded tobacco companies are using to minimise their tax bill.