Nick Mathiason is a founder and Co-Director of Finance Uncovered.

Nick has been a business and financial journalist for close to 30 years and has broken a sizeable number of impactful stories that have had international prominence. He was one of the first UK journalists to report on industrial scale tax avoidance.

Subjects investigated include developing countries access to medicine, vulture funds, labour issues and the growth of private equity.

Formerly a business correspondent at The Observer, The Guardian, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Big Issue magazine for the homeless, Nick has been shortlisted for major international journalism prizes on numerous occasions.

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Nick Mathiason
Developing countries access to medicine, vulture funds, labour issues and the growth of private equity
United Kingdom

Supported projects

The Electoral Hydra

  • Corruption
  • Politics

CRAIOVA - A team of journalists investigated the connections between an institution for Romanian democracy and a crime group, who sustained together a corruption network violating law and blocking controls to favor their political leaders. 

Mentor for

Garbage Out, Garbage In: How Europe’s e-waste problem is a burden on Africa

  • Environment

ACCRA, GHANA - This investigation puts the spotlight on the dumping of e-waste, particularly discarded colling appliances by Europe’s e-waste exporters in Africa in contravention of EU’s law and the Basel Convention while port officials in Europe turn a blind eye to the shipment of these discarded appliances.

Millions of UN dollars fail to reach villages fighting to survive in Mozambique

  • Corruption
  • Environment

BEIRA - This investigation reveals how a ten million dollar United Nations programme to combat environmental destruction falls apart in Mozambique.

Syrians pay tax to rebuild after war but see little benefit

  • Armed conflict
  • Corruption
  • Politics

DAMASCUS - The Syrian government has raised billions of Syrian pounds to rebuild war-stricken cities through a "reconstruction tax." But where does the money really go? A joint investigation by OCCRP, SIRAJ, and Finance Uncovered, supported by's Money Trail grant programme.

The great gas illusion: tracing the billions behind Mozambique gas projects

  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Industry
  • Tax evasion

MAPUTO - The promise of transformative wealth from natural gas has seduced Mozambicans for more than a decade. But as the projects led by TotalEnergies and Eni have started construction, revenues to the country look likely to fall significantly short of expectations.