Orsolya Fülöp is a journalist at the investigative journalism outlet ’Átlátszó’ (meaning: transparent) in Hungary.

She joined Átlátszó’s staff in 2022, where she mostly – but not exclusively – covers environmental and energyissues. Previouisly, from 2020 to 2022 she worked at the Climate and Environment Department of the Budapest Municipality where she also gained a deep insight into the operation of the public administration. Her main achievement was the Solar Map of Budapest, a unique simulation in Hungary which provides the first ever estimation of the solarpossibilities for every rooftop in Budapest.

Earlier Orsolya spent more than 10 years working for Energiaklub, at the largest environmental think-and-do tanks in Hungary at that time (she left the organisation as Policy Director in 2019). She conducted research that modelled the impacts of a potential large-scale energy refurbishment program in the Hungarian homes for the first time. She also examined the environmental impacts of nuclear power plants.

During those years she gained an excellent understanding of civil society organisations in Hungary as well as other Central European countries. Throughout the years, she wrote several articles for Magyar Narancs weekly political magazine as a freelancer as well as for Átlátszó, mostly on energy issues.

Orsolya participates in the work of the regional investigative outlet VSquare, and attends international events She studied economics with a major in environmental studies at the Corvinus University Budapest.

Orsolya Fulop investigative journalist Hungary

Basic information

Orsolya Fülöp
Investigative journalist
 Environment, energy, climate

Supported projects

Impact of Large Industrial Facilities on the Danube River

  • Energy
  • Environment

PAKS / LINZ –  This investigation looked at the impacts of specific large industrial facilities along the Danube in Hungary, Austria and Germany, as well as legal regulation.