PAKS / LINZ –  This investigation looked at the impacts of specific large industrial facilities along the Danube in Hungary, Austria and Germany, as well as legal regulation.

Power plants, factories and other large facilities have a significant impact on the Danube, by releasing hot water and wastewater from industrial processes into the river. On one hand, this causes chemical and biological pollution, on the other hand warms up the river (in addition to the warming and drought caused by climate change). All this affects the ecosystem and water quality of the Danube. The team worked on a multimedia visualisation of the Danube that shows the different industries, the pollution levels and the warming of the river, including graphics and videos.

Photo: Oana Rotariu/Der Standard.

Team members

Orsolya Fülöp

Orsolya Fülöp is a Hungarian investigative journalist.

Orsolya Fulop investigative journalist Hungary

Alicia Prager

Alicia Prager (Austria) is a journalist with a focus on climate, energy and environmental stories.

Alicia Prager

Melanie Raidl

Melanie Raidl is a journalist based in Vienna, Austria. 

Melanie Raidl Der Standard

Átlátszó Hungary

Atlatszo is the first Hungarian investigative journalism nonprofit and a watchdog NGO to promote transparency, accountability, and freedom of information in Hungary.


Der Standard

Der Standard is an Austrian daily newspaper published in Vienna. It is considered a newspaper of record for Austria.

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