Ruben Brugnera is an independent investigative journalist, based in Brussels.

His mission is to break important stories that are likely to be dismissed by day-to-day reporting and to make them accessible to a broad audience. His key interests lie in political-economic issues (corporate lobbying, regulation of technologies, health), the environment, the European Union, structural injustice and social exclusion.

Ruben enjoys engaging in cross-border investigations that at the same time have a strong local or national relevance. He holds a degree in political science and economics at KU Leuven and took part in Journalismfund’s IRJ training programme.

Basic information

Ruben Brugnera
Investigative reporter
lobbying, regulation of technologies, health, environment, EU, injustice, social exclusion

Supported projects

The slavery of care: Bulgarian women working in the West as caregivers

  • Healthcare
  • Organised crime
  • Work

SOFIA - The story focuses on the plight of cash-strapped Bulgarian women who come to Belgium and the Netherlands as posted workers to care for elderly people who want to spend the last months or years of their life in their own home, instead of in a retirement home. The investigation focuses on one of the main players on the market offering such services, Seniorcare24.