Saljuk Mohammad (pseudonym for security reasons) is an investigative journalist specialised in money trails and corruption, its impacts, human rights violations and the economy.

Last 9 years, he produced 18 investigative reports for international media.

Basic information

Saljuk Mohammad
illicit finance, corruption

Supported projects

The Way to Damascus

  • Corruption
  • Migration

STOCKHOLM - In Sweden there are more than 200,000 Syrians. They are considered to be the largest immigrant Arabic-speaking community in that country. The Swedish tourist bureaus provide services to transport a large number of Syrians to their home countries.

Turkish Citizenship for Syrians for Sale

  • Corruption
  • Migration

This investigation blows the whistle on the phenomenon of brokers who, with the complicity of Turkish civil servants, help to move forward the citizenship applications of Syrians in return for bribes. On the other hand, more than five thousand Syrians’ files remained pending until they got cancelled without any valid reason.