Siona Houthuys is a Belgian radio and theater maker.

Siona Houthuys (1989, Belgium) holds a Masters in Linguistics and Literature and a Masters in Drama. Her solo and graduation performance “Speelgoed” ('Toys' won the Debut Prize Theater Affairs Via Rudolphi at the ITs Theater Festival 2016, followed by a small Dutch tour. Together with Berten Vanderbruggen, she makes her second performance "No Coincidence, No Story", a co-production with De Brakke Grond and deBuren. This production premiered on October 24, 2018 in CCBe, Antwerp.

She is a member of the audio collective SCHIK.

Basic information

Siona Houthuys
radio, theater

Supported projects

El Tarangu

  • Sport

BELGIUM/SPAIN - In the hot summer of 1996, the square in front of the Cathedral of Oviedo is full of people saying goodbye to their cycling hero 'El Tarangu'. Jose Manuel Fuente, only 50 years old, is buried. But seven years later, he sits opposite another cycling icon Lucien van Impe, eating mussels in the Flemish town of Geraardsbergen. Lucien looks him in the eye and does not know what he is seeing. Has his old rival really staged his death? Or is something else going on here? One thing is certain, someone is lying. But who? And above all, why?