BRUSSELS - In the hot summer of 1996, the square in front of the Cathedral of Oviedo is full of people saying goodbye to their cycling hero 'El Tarangu'. Jose Manuel Fuente, only 50 years old, is buried. But seven years later, he sits opposite another cycling icon Lucien van Impe, eating mussels in the Flemish town of Geraardsbergen. Lucien looks him in the eye and does not know what he is seeing. Has his old rival really staged his death? Or is something else going on here? One thing is certain, someone is lying. But who? And above all, why?

El Tarangu (the 'go-getter') is a six-part podcast series in which AudioCollectief SCHIK goes in search of a man who was supposed to lie in his grave. Along northern Spanish mountain flanks and Flemish cycling cafés, they end up in a world of ancient heroes, unreliable sources and twisted ghosts. Closer and closer they come to the truth, until they clash with lies from their own past...

Siona Houthuys

Siona Houthuys is a Belgian radio and theater maker.


Mirke Kist

Mirke Kist is a Dutch radio and theater maker.

Nele Eeckhout

Nele Eeckhout is a Belgian radio and theater maker.

€ 3.500 allocated on 15/11/2018.


El Tarangu, VRT/Sporza (Belgian public broadcaster), 8/07/2019. (in Dutch)
El Tarangu, VPRO (Dutch public broadcaster), 8/07/2019. (in Dutch)

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