Ward Rabaey is a Belgian freelance journalist.

He studied Eastern European Languages and Cultures at the University of Ghent and later followed the Master after Master in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Antwerp. The countries of the former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia have been like a second home to him ever since. After his studies, he helped write for the online platform International Perspective and worked, among other things, in education and sales. He later found his way to journalism through the postgraduate International Research Journalism of the Thomas More Hogeschool. He currently works as a freelancer. His focus is on political and social developments in the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, but in-depth local research and clear data visualisations also make his journalistic heart beat faster.  He has already published for Knack and 'Raam op Rusland'.

Basic information

Ward Rabaey
Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, datajournalism

Supported projects

Uniforms of Belgian soldiers and policemen made by exploited Romanian workers

  • Human Rights
  • Work

FALTECINI - Belgian police and army uniforms are made in Romanian factories with Belgian owners, by seamstresses who can barely make a living from their wages. What is wrong with our public tenders? "As long as price remains the most important award criterion, someone always pays the price.