FALTECINI - Belgian police and army uniforms are made in Romanian factories with Belgian owners, by seamstresses who can barely make a living from their wages. What is wrong with our public tenders? "As long as price remains the most important award criterion, someone always pays the price.

Why do Belgian companies produce the clothing of government employees more than two thousand kilometres from our country? The workers' payslips, which the investigators were able to look into, provide the answer.

Photo © Louis Lammertyn

Team members

Karin Eeckhout

Karin Eeckhout works as a journalist and fact-checker for the Belgian news magazine Knack.

Elisa Nelissen

Elisa Nelissen is a freelance journalist and communications expert.

Laura Stefanut

Laura Stefanut is a Romanian journalist

Ward Rabaey

Ward Rabaey is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Louis Lammertyn

Louis Lammertyn is a freelance photographer and consultant.

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