Willem Staes (° 1990) has been Middle East policy officer Middle East for the Belgian NGO 11.11.11 since 2016.

He conducts research and policy work on the reconstruction of Syria, conditions for the return of Syrian internally displaced persons and refugees, and the role of Syrian civil society. The Belgian NGO 11.11.11 supports various Syrian civil organizations. Willem Staes previously lived and worked in Turkey, Palestine and Egypt. He is currently following the postgraduate International Research Journalism (IRJ) of journalismfund.eu and Thomas More Mechelen.

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Willem Staes
Middle East

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Rebuilding Raqqah

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AR-RAQQAH - "Bomb after bomb after bomb." Dima is peeling potatoes in the kitchen when rockets are fired at her house. She loses a leg and two fingers. There are 7 dead. All citizens.