ZAGREB - The objective of this project is to develop a media app dedicated to Likaclub, a media outlet located in the Lika region of Croatia, which has been operating in the market for the last 9 years and has a significant readership. The creation of the app aims to cater to the needs of local citizens residing in predominantly rural areas.

The app aims to provide relevant news, information, and content that directly serves the interests and concerns of the target audience. By focusing on the specific needs of the local community, the app will enhance accessibility to regional media and foster a stronger sense of connection within the region.

The Likaclub team intends to utilize the funding to develop an app aimed at enhancing information dissemination within the rural areas of central Croatia. As the sole politically independent media outlet in the Lika region of Croatia, Likaclub plays a crucial role in providing relevant information to its citizens. The app development process will involve hiring a skilled app developer to create a user-friendly application accessible on smart devices. Additionally, the team will conduct app promotions and events, focused on enhancing media literacy among the local population. By creating the Likaclub app, the project seeks to fulfill the critical need for improved information flow and better serve the community's informational requirements.

Target group

The biggest benefit will reflect on the Lika local community. There are a few local media and all of them are controlled by political parties and lobbies which damage the information flow. Some information is pushed under the spotlight while others are under a rug which creates an unfair market situation. This project wants to change that.

Goals of the project

 By creating an app for independent media Likaclub, we aim to improve the information flow for our audience, offering a service unavailable from other local media outlets. This move gives us a competitive advantage, aligning with readers' needs for objective reporting, news benefiting the local community, and a commitment to putting audience interests first. In addition to the app, we plan to organize lectures on media literacy in Lika and Zagreb, educating the community on media operations, the importance of objective reporting, and the benefits of using the app. This initiative will not only enhance information dissemination but also attract a larger readership, elevating our credibility and fostering further development for the benefit of our readers.

The success of this project will be evident through increased interest and enthusiasm, reflected in app downloads, social media engagement, and interpersonal interactions. Furthermore, our inclusive approach will be showcased through outreach and active participation in the lectures, as we ensure news about the project reaches the local community through a carefully prepared strategy. By offering residents a unique opportunity for education and involvement, we anticipate strong interest in the quality content we provide.


Lika Club

Lika Club, an independent and European award-winning media outlet from central Croatia, has garnered over 3 million readers from both Croatia and worldwide since its establishment in 2014.

Lika Club
€60.000 allocated on 27/06/2023

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