NAIROBI - Naipanoi Lepapa was among the journalists awarded during the 2022 Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA) held in Nairobi on Friday, May 6.

At the awards organised by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK), Naipanoi was crowned the Journalist of the Year in recognition of her investigative articles at the outlet. Journalist of the Year award, which is the highest award recognition, went to Naipanoi Lepapa as a freelance investigative journalist for a story on the surrogacy industry in Kenya, supported by Journalismfund.eu's Money Trail Grant programme. This story uncovers a multitude of worrying allegations about the unregulated surrogacy industry in Kenya. 

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Journalismfund is hiring

Journalismfund is hiring a Project Coordinator


BRUSSELS - Journalismfund is hiring a Project Coordinator for its European Cross-border programme.

Freezing peat mining permits in Estonia


TALLINN - Following an investigation on the environmental damage caused by the peat mining industry in the Baltics, the Estonian Ministry of Climate is considering to suspend the issuance of new peat mining permits and freeze the extension of old permits until the new climate law is enacted.