Journalismfund's goal in supporting cross-border investigative journalism is to inform the public about the many challenges we face and the possible ways to address them. At the same time we hope that through the projects we support, those in power are held accountable and that communities are well-informed and can have their voices heard. It is not always easy to determine whether and how a news story leads to real, lasting change. But we see evidence that they do and that independent, in-depth reporting can make a difference. This page lists some of the impacts we have documented. You can read more about what we think about impact here.

Forever Pollution Project: Further Impact


EUROPE – Last year, in February 2023, 18 European newsrooms published a large investigation on 'forever chemicals', revealing that more than 17,000 sites all over Europe have already been contaminated by the PFAS. This project was followed by expert discussions, legal action, and has now widely been used for scientific purposes, too.

American Multinational Closing PFAS lines in Belgium

3M And Chemours PFAS Facilities Stopped After Investigation


ZWIJNDRECHT / DORDRECHT – The abrupt closure of 3M's PFAS production line and the temporary shutdown of Chemours follow the groundbreaking investigation by Apache and Follow the Money supported by Journalismfund Europe.

Mauricio Gaioti resigns from CEO North Star refinery Para state Brazil

CEO of Refinery Resigns After Investigation


BELÉM – Mauricio Gaioti, CEO of the North Star refinery operating in Para State, Brazil, resigned after having been exposed in the Gold chain investigation.

One of the biggest Danish power plants stops buying coal from Glencore


AALBORG – Nordjylland power station in Denmark, owned by Aalborg Forsyningen, halted coal supply from Glencore after an investigation published by Danwatch and followed up by some other media.

Freezing peat mining permits in Estonia


TALLINN - Following an investigation on the environmental damage caused by the peat mining industry in the Baltics, the Estonian Ministry of Climate is considering to suspend the issuance of new peat mining permits and freeze the extension of old permits until the new climate law is enacted.

US: Ireland is failing to convict traffickers or support their victims


WASHINGTON DC - Ireland has not convicted any traffickers in the last year, the US State Department has found. This report cited the investigation "Hands on Deck" supported by the Modern Slavery Unveiled grant programme.