Journalismfund's goal in supporting cross-border investigative journalism is to inform the public about the many challenges we face and the possible ways to address them. At the same time we hope that through the projects we support, those in power are held accountable and that communities are well-informed and can have their voices heard. It is not always easy to determine whether and how a news story leads to real, lasting change. But we see evidence that they do and that independent, in-depth reporting can make a difference. This page lists some of the impacts we have documented. You can read more about what we think about impact here.

Bringing tools for investigations


LUXEMBOURG - The world’s steel leader ArcelorMittal has exceeded several pollution limits authorized by European, Italian and French law for a decade. Meanwhile, the company headquartered in Luxembourg has received billions euros of public funds and indirect subsidies.  

Photo © B. Jimenez Tejero: "Jesús Ropero died of mesothelioma shortly after this interview. This worker at CAF, a multinational train manufacturer in Spain, removed blue asbestos with his own hands."

Making pressure on lawmakers


EU lawmakers are now under pressure to act after a cross border investigation revealed that 70,000 to 90,000 annual asbestos-related deaths occur in Europe — not including the growing number of cancers by exposure at homes, schools, hospitals, and offices.

Taking companies to court

Taking companies to court


PARIS - The French Oil Company Perenco S.A. is now facing the Paris Court of Justice. This is the first case in which a French company has been held liable for environmental damage caused abroad.

The Loddging Business

Anti-mafia public prosecutor coordinated big police operation with arrests


In Italy, two months after the broadcast of The Logging Business, a video investigation, the prominent anti-mafia public prosecutor Nicola Gratteri coordinated a big police operation with arrests on the woody biomass supply chain in Calabria.

Peat pressure: Industrial peat extraction in enforcement firing line

Putting industries and oligarchs under the spotlight


DERRYCRAVE - A leading company is now under spotlight by the European Environmental Agency for potential unlicensed extraction.

SOS Chrétiens d'Orient

French anti-terrorist prosecutor's office has opened preliminary investigation


A French anti-terrorist prosecutor's office has opened a preliminary investigation about complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity on the association SOS Chrétiens d'Orient based on the investigation by journalists