KYIV - Ukraine's war against Russia strengthens Ukrainian national identity and reduces the influence of Russian language and culture in society.

Our investigation shows how, in this context, Romanian and Hungarian minorities tend to become collateral victims, as their rights to education in their mother tongue and to preserve their ethnic identity have been continuously restricted in recent years.

We have also investigated the kin-states policies in this regard revealing that the government in Bucharest, while critical of Kiev's minority policies, has failed so far in supporting Romanian communities abroad.

Surprisingly enough, however, the war in Ukraine also creates a number of opportunities that could change the status of ethnic minorities in Ukraine for the better. However, it remains to be seen whether the states involved will be able to work together on this issue.

Team members

Marian Chiriac

Marian Chiriac is a Romanian journalist, based in Bucharest.

Marian Chiriac

Ádám Kolozsi

Ádám Kolozsi is a journalist and researcher based in Budapest, Hungary.

Ádám Kolozsi


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BIRN Romania

BIRN Romania, an independent NGO, was founded in April 2005 as part of the regional Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

BIRN Romania

Dr. habil. Kyriaki Topidi

Dr. habil. Kyriaki Topidi is head of the research cluster on "Culture & Diversity" and joined ECMI in 2019.

Dr. habil. Kyriaki Topidi
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Conference: Conferința ISPMN 2023

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