AL HOCEIMA - During the summer holidays, Europeans with a Moroccan migration background flock to Al Hoceima. For two months, the tourist resort in the Rif region is flourishing and there is work again. But it's only a little solace for the Rifine population that has to deal with a corrupt government and oppression on a daily basis.

Amazigh is an undercover report about the hirak, the popular movement in the disadvantaged Rif area, and tells the story of those who left, stayed or were arrested.
We meet Mohammed, who is living illegally in Antwerp. Together with his best friend Nasser Zefzafi, he went through the streets of Al Hoceima to stand up for his rights. His friend was arrested, he himself fled. In Al Hoceima, we meet the parents of protest leader Nasser Zefzafi, Nasser El Ouazizi - frontman of the band Agraf, a teacher, a hairdresser and a self-employed person.

Team members

Manon Duerinck

Manon Duerinck is a Belgian video reporter and digital storyteller

Evelyne Dierickx

Evelyne Dierickx is a Belgian video reporter and digital storyteller

Youssra Addou

Youssra Addou is a Dutch journalist with MENA expertise

€ 7.300 allocated on 05/06/2019.


  • Amazigh, Vranckx & De Nomaden, VRT/Canvas (Belgian national broadcaster), 06/02/2021.

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