KINSHASA - Following on from the first part of the dossier on why and how Congo's forests became the world's first lung, John Vandaele explores whether the country can effectively be the 'solution country' it claims to want to be.

Vandaele lets Congolese politicians have their say, explores how Congo as a biodiversity superpower struggles to protect it, (including in its immense natural parks) and what role carbon credits and local community forests can play in protecting the forests. Biodiversity also includes viruses: the current situation in and around Congo's forests increases the risk of zoonoses: will the next pandemic occur in Congo?

Team members

John Vandaele

John Vandaele is journalist with the Belgian magazine Mo*, and author of several books on globalisation.

Bart Lasuy

Bart Lasuy is a Belgian photographer, specialized in illustrative photography, portrait and landscape.

Bart Lasuy

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