In January 2024, Dutch investigative journalist Linda van der Pol and Belgian photographer Gena Kagermanov traveled to Ukraine to investigate the impact of the Russian invasion on the Ukrainian cultural sector in several cities.

Linda and Gena spoke with museum staff and heritage preservationists who packed and evacuated their collections in recent years, but also found new ways to serve their audiences.

In a series of reports, we see, among other things, how museums in Odesa, Kyiv and Kherson are trying to protect their art from missiles and looting; how a theater in Mykolayiv continues to perform in the air raid shelter - and, above all, that culture has a role to play in times of war.

Team members

Linda van der Pol

Linda van der Pol is a cultural historian and a freelance journalist based in The Netherlands.

Linda van der Pol
€7.700 allocated on 04/12/2023.


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