Linda van der Pol is a cultural historian and a freelance journalist based in The Netherlands, primarily working at Investico - an independent platform for investigative journalism.

She previously investigated the manipulation of crime stats. She wrote about tax avoidance by dutch flower farms in Kenya.

Linda van der Pol

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Linda van der Pol
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Illegal South Sudanese teak becomes European garden furniture in India

  • Corruption
  • Environment
  • Trafficking

Illegally logged teak from South Sudan goes to India where it is made into furniture before it could end up in stores in Europe. Indian timber traders illegally source the timber from East Africa and export it as an 'Indian' product after processing.

Dutch flower farms avoid paying tax in Kenya

  • Agriculture
  • Tax evasion

AMSTERDAM, NAIROBI - Dutch flower growers in Kenya avoid corporate taxation, using transfer pricing and offshore constructions. The loss of tax revenue due to these practices is substantial and has large consequences for Kenyan society.