BRUSSELS - In 2021, the EU launched the brand-new Farm-to-Fork strategy to make our agriculture more sustainable. Among other things, this strategy aims to ensure that meat production and consumption decreases in member states to reduce the impact on our health and the environment. However, this will not happen without a struggle.

In a three-part series, Annick Hus analyses the (Flemish) meat lobby. 

Part 1 charts the European meat lobby, which shuns no opportunity to put the interests of the livestock sector first. Flemish lobby groups also spend quite a bit of money to weigh in on European policy.

Part 2 highlights Flemish policy on agriculture and how it has been 'mismanaged' by the same parties for years.

Part 3 focuses on Flemish meat promotion and the money involved.

Team members

Annick Hus

Annick Hus (Belgium) as a freelancer for Verhalenmarkt and various media.

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