SUMATRA -  An EU directive is set to ban the import of palm oil for use as biodiesel. In the meantime, diesel continues to be produced from oil deriving from plantations that replaced virgin forest. A good illustration is provided by ENI and TotalEnergies in Indonesia.

taly's ENI and France's TotalEnergies (like all European biofuel producers) have long passed off diesel made from palm oil from deforested land as "environmentally friendly", hiding behind its legal certification. Not for nothing did the European Parliament vote in early October 2022 for an immediate ban on palm oil imports for this purpose. We have obtained information that unmasks the methods of these two energy giants which together operate a huge number of petrol stations in Europe  – and particularly in Italy, Europe's third largest producer of biodiesel after Germany and Spain.

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Stefano Valentino

Stefano Valentino is an Italian freelance journalist.

Stefano Valentino
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