BRUSSELS - How will this pandemic shape the next generation? The middle class is fighting a valiant battle to reconcile family and professional life, but the vulnerable are fighting the same battle with more limited resources.

They often do not have computers, live in cramped quarters with many family members, and parents have less time to devote to homework. This can widen the gap between the underprivileged and the privileged: there are fears of more young adults without a diploma, language deficiencies are increasing at a rapid pace and mental wellbeing is deteriorating. In this three-part series, we look at the consequences of the pandemic one year on, with a focus on vulnerable youth. What did the measures do to their school performance and mental well-being? What does their future look like? And what can we do to improve their prospects?

Team members

Tom Van Assche

Tom Van Assche is een Belgisch televisiemaker.

€ 5.625 allocated on 28/05/2020.

ONLINE (in Dutch)

Generatie corona, De Standaard, 02/05/2021.

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