ALYTUS - Our project is devoted to the communities of Alytus city and region, also the second target is the region with other 3 municipalities around - Druskininkai, Lazdijai and Varėna. The covered area is in South Lithuania near the border with Belarus and Poland. 

By covering different topics, from budget spending to education and social sphere for the most vulnerable people, we will fill the gap for impartial and versatile information on local life and decision makers. We will follow decisions made by the local council, fact check them, explain and discuss with the local community. We will follow the situation at schools, local institutions, looking at the reality and informing the community. We'll make journalistic material on that and disseminate it via different platforms for different audiences - on air, online radio, website, Youtube, social networks.

We will have news each day on air on our city and region, radio reports on the most important topic of the day, discussions on air with the citizens and experts. We will have a special programme every month for the analysis of the decisions taken at the local council meetings and how they impact the life of local people. We will have short video interviews with the stories of local people posted on Youtube and shared on the website. All content will be available on our “Radio FM99 podcast“ on all main platforms, such as Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, etc. All content will be also provided on the website and shared on social networks.

Target group

Local communities of the Alytus city and Alytus region will benefit from this project as the news desert of unbiased and versatile local information will be filled. The target is citizens of Alytus city and district, also second target is the region around with other 3 municipalities from Alytus region - Druskininkai, Lazdijai, Varena.

Goals of the project

Our goal is to have a better informed and stronger community, more actively involved in processes around them, participating in the life of the city and region and making an impact on it.
For our project we’ll have:

  • 120 radio columns “Information channel“ in the morning show devoted to local news.
  • 120 reports/interviews on the most important topic on air and on podcast.
  • 24 weekly discussions “Living city“ on air, on Youtube and on podcast.
  • Daily local news on the evening programme “Such a Day“ 
  • „Radio FM99 podcast“ with 168 episodes will be published on all main platforms.
  • 24 Youtube column pieces “People of Alytus“ .

All mentioned above you’ll find on our website fm99.lt with all the links to the media.

About the media outlet

Radio”FM99” established in Alytus in 1993 and was one of the first commercial radio stations in Independent Lithuania. It is still the only regional radio station in South Lithuania broadcasting in Lithuanian language from sixth biggest city Alytus and the biggest Spa city Druskininkai and covering the area near Polish and Belarus borders. We are the ones in the region, who on a daily basis and any time of the day are able to reach those not using the internet. FM99 also broadcasts online via various radio platforms, app Radijas FM99 and cable TV.


A report regarding a development plan that will ruin Alytus' historical value was broadcast by Radio FM99, a Lithuanian radio station. As word spread about the plot, the Prosecutors' Office launched an inquiry. Read more about it here

€31.350 allocated on 27/06/2023

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