KABUL, KINSHASHA, JUBA - No Olympics this summer. But Elien did seek and feel the Olympic spirit: in Afghan women's football, wheelchair basketball in South Sudan and with nzozo players in Congo. These champions wouldn't have made it to the Olympics anyway, but the Olympic spirit is clearly present.

Three stories from this series appeared on June 3, 2020, in the summer issue of the Belgian magazine MO* Magazine. This summer an online dossier will follow with several inspiring stories about politics, society and ordinary people with an extraordinary love for sports. 

Photo: © Dieter Telemans


Team members

Elien Spillebeen

Elien Spillebeen is a Belgian journalist and researcher. She studied international politics in Ghent (Belgium) and Aix-en-Province (France).

€10.000 allocated on 22/06/2015.

PRINT (in Dutch)

  • De onzichtbare Olympiërs, MO*, Summer issue 2020. 

ONLINE (in Dutch)

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