BERLIN - This project will train 25 environmental reporters in live journalism.

Live journalism is the internationally established term for show productions in which reporters, photographers, filmmakers, etc. present well-researched and verified stories in front of a live audience. If it serves the story, artistic elements will be interwoven to illustrate, provoke or encourage the audience to participate. The genre was born out of a need to find more relatable and engaging ways to tell journalistic content.

The planned activities will introduce 25 reporters from all over Europe to this new skill, offering them a new compelling way to tell their environmental stories and connect directly with audiences from their home countries.

Eight of them will present their solution-oriented stories for a more climate-friendly urban development on stage, at the first JIVE Climate show hosted with CORRECTIV. The show will be held on 21 November 2023 in Berlin. Prior to the show, a two-day performance camp will prepare the selected reporters for their live performances. 

After the show, the theatre foyer turns into an open marketplace where the audience gets the chance to exchange ideas with experts or actively support one of the causes presented on stage.

Photo credit: Andi Weiland | ReporterSlam.de



Headliner is the first non-profit organisation in Germany to combine journalism and culture in inspiring stage shows.

€9.500 granted dd. 03/07/2023

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