LENART - The goal of the project is to engage and educate the local community by enhancing the website with podcasts, introducing a 'My news' web interface for local news contributions, hosting discussion evenings on local information and media literacy, and publishing a book on media image in Slovenske gorice.

With the upgrade of Ovtar24.si, we aim to broaden our readership and improve the service we provide to our audience, including readers, listeners, and viewers. Through the introduction of new features and concepts, we intend to enhance media literacy through our discussion events. We will also foster participation in local events with the "My News" web interface, giving a voice to those who have been underrepresented. Simultaneously, this interface will offer us deeper insights into local occurrences in Slovenske gorice. To achieve our goals, we will produce video content and podcasts to reach a wider audience and encourage critical thinking. Our platform will address local issues and share inspirational stories often overlooked by mainstream media. The "My News" web interface will promote active citizenship, allowing readers to contribute to local journalism, leading to better-informed and engaged readers. Through debate events, we aim to stimulate critical thinking about media, media literacy, and community involvement. These efforts will enhance Ovtar24.si's reputation as a source of quality and up-to-date media information.

Target group

Our primary audience consists of Slovenske gorice residents, totaling around 30,000, where access to reliable information is limited. Our website, www.ovtar24.si, draws 45,000 monthly visits, with over 4,000 Facebook and 1,000 Instagram followers and ongoing growth. Our readership mainly falls within the 35 to 55+ age group, but we're actively engaging with younger audiences. We aim to empower youth to stay and contribute to their local communities.

Goals of the project

We will expand our readership, aiming for a 25% increase in website traffic and on our social media presence will also grow by at least 25%. Through podcasts and video content, we will encourage critical thinking, self-esteem, and knowledge among our audience. Our goal is to provide local information and diverse perspectives, fostering trust in local news and empowering the people of Slovenske gorice with the "My News" web interface. We intend to reinforce our status as an independent media outlet and boost advertising revenue through our online platform. Publishing a book about the history and significance of local journalism in Osrednje Slovenske gorice will contribute to heritage preservation, enhance media literacy, inspire future journalists, and foster local pride. To elevate the quality of local journalism, we will conduct workshops for our team to keeping us informed about current trends and modern media techniques, ensuring that our content remains contemporary and relevant.



Ovtar24.si is a media portal of the Central Slovenian Highlands

€40.000 allocated on 31/10/2023




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