BRAGANÇA / VILA REAL - This project will deliver deep investigation, scrutiny and storytelling journalism in  the remote and increasingly deserted region of Trás-os-Montes. As the region and its 310.000 inhabitants are often stereotyped as old and isolated, this quality approach will value unique identity and traditions preserved by the physical remoteness. 

As it happened successfully on a national level with the existing 7MARGENS  publication, this public will now be served with a complimentary news service  focused on understanding and framing the events from an identity-building  perspective. This will ensure the delivery of the same unique proposal of quality  free content, a sense of belonging to the project and reader-based donations, to  be applied to this local region.  

Another huge existing gap for the users, is the inability of the news to travel the last mile of proximity to the remote isolated communities due to the limitations  or costs of physical newspapers or digital direct interactions. This project will solve this gap by using the human relationship network to share easy-to consume audio content or texts. To do this, our news and audio content will have versions ready for more basic digital devices, for example, able to be shared as a  WhatsApp audio or messages in not smartphones. 

Due to the extreme local characteristics of some sub-regions of this extended  region, this project will target initially two groups of beneficiaries as vehicles to  expand, as a human-led network, to the older and isolated community members:
A. Habitants of larger cities and towns with better digital infrastructure and more  modern ways of life. 
B. Immigrant readers who live in other areas and but are still in touch with their  family members that still reside in the region.

These groups will be given incentives to recognize when they redirect to others, like being interviewed, selecting a topic for a story, or being visible in the website  section. 
Another value of this approach is that the richer and more digital-able  beneficiaries will feel as an integrated part of the project, strengthing their  community and identity links, and at the same time encouraging them to be  donors of the edition. 
This will keep these communities more connected, cohesive resilient and  informed. 

Target group

Goals of the project

1: Number of Local Readers Engaged 
The more local inhabitants we are serving in this region, the more we are  successfully fighting the lack of quality news. Some possible success estimators  could be: 1.500 subscribers for the new newsletter, 10.000 monthly readings, 
2: Active Network Community 
Since the content forwarders are key to this project to reach the last-mile  proximity, the number of them who are active is a measure of success. A  reasonable threshold would be to have more than 200 active content forwarders. 
3: Territory Penetration and Cover 
There would be limited success in delivering the previous two impacts in a few  territories. A complementary important impact factor is to get readers in a large  (ex:50%) of the 23 sub-municipalities of the region. 
4: Multiplication Effect 
The spread and quality of the project results could generate more similar projects  by 7MARGENS or by others in similar regional news deserts. That would be a very  important impact of this project, 
5: Minimal Environmental Impact 
We must ensure, through our choices, that there is minimal or negligible  environmental impact, by restricting carbon-intense mobility and resource usage.  We believe we can actually have a secondary positive effect if some of our stories raise awareness to best practices and issues on this topic. 

About the media outlet

7MARGENS is a Portuguese quality journalistic project, founded in 2018. We have a modern digital platform, fed by full-time journalists and a network of  more than 200 content regional contributors. We have written more than 8.000 original investigation or opinion articles on topics as diverse, and often unserved, as human rights, spirituality, equality, cross-religion or culture. We pay special attention to the arts, culture, social justice, dignity, human rights, ecology, and peace as  spaces for critical democratic questioning. 

We are a newspaper with special attention to people: we do interviews, portraits of unknown people and reports on groups that do not have access to the media, because journalistic experience has taught us that this is the best way to draw attention to situations, problems and unanswered social questions. Our audience is mainly in Portugal but more than 25% of readers  arrive from other Portuguese-speaking countries or migrant communities. The digital edition is visited by an average of 80.000 monthly readers, 3.000 of whom are now subscribers to our daily  newsletter.


€30.000 allocated on 31/10/2023

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