NORTHERN GALICIA - We address our neighbors, the citizens of the 20 cities we report on, to tell them what interests them regarding current events and local projects, with closeness, but without renouncing rigor and creativity.

We want Ferrol360 to be the digital newspaper of reference in the regions. We have a large number of followers on social networks and our brand has earned the trust of the public. The medium represents values of informative independence and proximity, which makes our readers trust us and identify with our brand.

After ten years in operation, our web platform has become obsolete both in functionality and design, which represents a burden to be able to compete with the rest of the local information portals for both readers and our potential advertisers. We want Ferrol360 to be at the same competitive level as other media. We want to redesign the corporate image and the media platform - website - which after ten years has become obsolete, to be competitive and attractive to our advertisers.

Target group

Ferrol360 is a regional digital newspaper, covering information from 20 municipalities. We cover 182,751 users from 20 municipalities in the province of A Coruña, 150 parishes, and 690 population centers. Most of the municipalities in the regions belong to rural areas, with a lot of population loss and lack of services. They have Internet access in most rural areas, which benefits us, since the public knows the medium and through social networks, they have access to our information. Ferrol is the most inhabited and urbanized city and faces a very serious population loss, and an aging population. In recent years, the population has remained around 65,000 inhabitants. Its area of influence, Ferrolterra, is an area that has always depended largely on the industrial sector and has been converting the city's first economic axis for 40 years. Currently, the energy transition is presented as an opportunity, but it is also leading to the closure of important industrial plants that boosted the economy.

Goals of the project

  • Change our web platform, being able to offer new types of advertising media that are more current and versatile than the ones we have, with the main objective of being able to offer potential advertisers of those banners that are common in digital mastheads today.  
  • Change our corporate image to offer our audience a renewed image, more attractive and consistent with the times, without losing essence, but with the power to awaken the interest of new readers.
  • Audience measurements as administrations are beginning to request and we cannot offer it.
  • Advertising spot that records the project to change the web platform, analyze with our community the degree of satisfaction with the change, and analyze our accounts to assess the economic growth of the medium after the project.

About the media outlet

Five unemployed journalists in Ferrolterra. A beginning that could well be the plot of a Coen movie, but that was the spark of something infinitely better: Ferrol360.

Refusing to pack our bags and with the hope of creating. Eager to hit the button again, to take the pulse of the information again, to not disengage from work routines. This is how we were at the beginning of 2013 when we decided to join forces and take advantage of the great opportunity that digital journalism offered us.

Without having to spend the euros we didn't have, the internet gave us everything we needed: a platform from which to tell our stories, social networks on which to disseminate our articles and stay in touch with the needs of readers, and tools that shorten the more than 50 kilometers that separate our editorial desks.

We want to put a twist on conventional information. We want to tell you things when they are happening. We want to be a speaker for the great little story of anonymous people. We want to do the journalism that we like to read. We want to stay here. Will you join us?

€12.080 allocated on 31/10/2023

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