BELGIUM - A six-part documentary series behind the scenes of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

This documentary series consists of six episodes: 

1. Life in stone
2. A collection for eternity
3. Another look
4. The searching man
5. A model for nature
6. A never completed theory

Team members

Lennart Stuyck

Lennart Stuyck is a Belgian documentary producer and director.

Bram Conjaerts

Bram Conjaerts is a Belgian film producer and director

Maarten Stuyck

Maarten Stuyck is a Belgian film producer. 

Maarten Bernaerts

Maarten Bernaerts is a Belgian film producer and director.

€ 6.500 allocated on 7/04/2017.


Canvas/VRT (Belgian public broadcaster), starting 4/11/2018 (six episodes).

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