EL FAROUAR - Despite being owned by one of the richest French families, the Perrodos, the French-British company Perenco has a long history of secrecy and discretion...

To the extent that any villager living in El Farouar, at the gates of the Tunisian Sahara, will be more knowledgeable than just about any French citizen on the wrong-doings of the company nearby. Hydraulic Fracturing, unconventional gas extraction, experimental shale well and compact gas extraction...

"Impossible n'est pas français !", and where the Tunisian Code of Hydrocarbons doesn't prevail or authorises such extractive processes, mainly for environmental conservation reasons, Perenco has managed to make it happen, nevertheless ! An unregulated extractive activity backed up by a network of offshore companies located in the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, for an extra taste of secrecy!

For security reasons another journalist prefers to stay anonymous, but he is known to our organisation.

Photo: Le site d’extraction d’El Franig. © Alexandre Brutelle

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Alexandre Brutelle

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