PARIS - The "Perenco System" international investigation coordinated by the Environmental Investigative Forum (EIF) in partnership with Mediapart, InfoCongo, InfoAmazonia and Convoca documents the systemic ecological impact of Perenco worldwide.

Relying on data analysis and geolocation techniques, the investigation highlights numerous oil sites owned by the company whose surfaces are juxtaposed with protected sites.

This is the case in at least 9 of the 14 countries where the company operates around 74 protected sites. The investigation focuses particularly on Africa and South America, in three countries (Cameroon, Gabon and Peru) where oil extraction by the Franco-British company has led to more than a hundred cases of pollution impacting protected ecosystems.

In particular, the investigation sheds a harsh light on the low level of protection afforded to protected areas in many countries, despite the fact that COP 15 set a target of 30% of the world's marine and terrestrial areas to be protected by 2030.

The later chapters of this series uncovered over 400 hundreds cases of pollution, including 380 caused by flaring activities in Cameroun and Gabon and 58 environmental abuses in Peru, as well as concerns by local population about potential impact of Perenco's activies on the local biosphere as well as on their own health.

Photo credit: InfoCongo

Team members

Alexandre Brutelle

Alexandre Brutelle is a foreign reporter and freelance investigative journalist.

Alexandre Brutelle

Dorian Cabrol

Dorian Cabrol is a French freelance journalist.

Dorian Cabrol

Carolina Dantas

Carolina Dantas is a Brazilian environmental journalist and editor.

Ghislaine Deudjui

Ghislaine Deudjui is a Cameroonian journalist besed in Douala.

Philomène Djussi Fotso

Philomène Djussi Fotso is a Cameroonian journalist based in Douala.

Pamela Huerta Bustamante

Pamela Huerta Bustamante is a Peruvian investigative journalist based in Lima.

Pamela huerta InfoAmazonia

Madeleine Ngeunga

Madeleine Ngeunga is an award winning investigative journalist from Cameroon.

Juliana Mori

Juliana Mori is an award winning journalist from Brazil.

Juliana Mori journalish

Shing Timothy Mufua

Shing Timothy Mufua is a Cameroon-based freelance journalist and fact-checker

Carolina Passos

Carolina Passos is an urban designer and GIS specialist.

Luis Enrique Pérez

Luis Enrique Pérez is a Peruvian journalist, data analyst and university professor.

Luis Enrique Pérez Pinto

Associação InfoAmazonia

InfoAmazonia is an independent media outlet that uses maps, data, and geolocalized reports to tell stories about the endangered Amazon region.

€23.200, allocated on 23/05/2023



  • Cameroon
  • Colombia
  • Congo
  • France
  • Gabon
  • Guatemala
  • Peru
  • Tunisia
  • Venezuela



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