targetBRUSSELS gathers information on the activities of Eastern European secret services in Brussels during the Cold War. The research is based on the intelligence archives of the former German Democratic Republic, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania.

Since the relocation of the NATO headquarters to Brussels in 1964 and the expanse of the European institutions, Belgium’s capital has become a hotspot for spy activities.

Secret services from several Warsaw Pact countries established spying activities inside Brussels, looking for information on international organisations and institutions, companies and individuals. Obviously, the NATO headquarters was one of the top targets. But also plenty of diplomatic representations and Belgian and Europan government administrations were on the target list of spies from the East.

Team members

Kristof Clerix

Kristof Clerix works as an investigative journalist for the Belgian weekly magazine Knack.

A working grant of € 4.000 allocated on 31/05/2010.

Le Vif l'Express (donderdag 23/06/2011) - only in Dutch
Knack Wereldtijdschrift (donderdag 23/06/2011) - only in Dutch


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