The world behind a glass of South-African wine. Emma Lesuis went back to the winery where she made the documentary "Vir 'n glasie wyn" (For a glass of wine) and saw that little had changed. That's why she went looking for solutions and discovered the world of Fairtrade. 

Heerlikwyn, Fairhills and House of Mandela; the shelf is full of fairtrade wine from South-Africa. It seems that time's over for exploiting vintners and workers. But choosing such a bottle: what do you buy exactly? Is Fairtrade really the solution for (small) farmers and agricultural labourers in South-Africa? 

Emma Lesuis

Emma Lesuis is an independent filmmaker, writer, researcher and theater maker. She achieved a Master of Art at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, and is now based in Amsterdam, but travels far out from there. She focuses on documentary projects for television, online or in a theater. Currently she is working on her third short tv documentary, which is shot in Suriname, and on an online documentary series about democracy.

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