BRNO - This is the second phase of the project Visegrad Center for Environmental Cross-border Investigations.

The objective was to to develop a network of investigative reporters from mainly Visegrad countries who will collaborate on cross-border environmental investigations. As the project is nearing its end, we are happy to see that the networking phase goes very well.

The first phase managed to create a network of non-profit investigative outlets who are motivated to collaborate on tracking down big polluters in the region who have a footprint in more than just one country. In this second phase the organisers would like to brig together in person the network members, brainstorm and look for synergies that would lead to regional investigations.

About the organisation 

Deník Referendum is an independent online daily funded mainly by its readers. It was established in 2009 by journalist Jakub Patočka with the aim of changing the media landscape in the Czech Republic. Since then, it has played a unique role as a platform of Czech civil society, giving voice to those who would not otherwise be heard.

€4.050 granted dd. 03/07/2023

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