STOCKHOLM - In Sweden there are more than 200,000 Syrians. They are considered to be the largest immigrant Arabic-speaking community in that country. The Swedish tourist bureaus provide services to transport a large number of Syrians to their home countries.

In this investigation, a cross-border team has monitored eight tourist bureaus, working as unofficial fronts within Swedish territories for an airline company that is listed in the US sanctions list. 


PhotoOne of the offices representing itself as an official agent for Cham Wings Airlines in Jönköping, Sweden

Team members

Saljuk Mohammad

Saljuk Mohammad (pseudonym for security reasons) is an investigative journalist specialised in money trails and corruption. 

Jebrill Dayoub

Jebrill Dayoub (pseudonym for security reasons) is an investigative journalist based in Sweden.


Nils Hanson

Nils Hanson is an awarded freelance investigative editor for and former editor-in-chief of Swedish public broadcaster SVT’s Mission Investigate.

Nils Hanson
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