The popularity of world music has been on the rise in recent years. But often the countries of origin of the musicians in question are only in the news because of wars, disasters or economic crises. The story behind the music, the importance of it in society as catalyst for messages of development or warnings against AIDS, is never told.

For that reason, Dieter Telemans decided to do a series of photographs on world music on the different continents. The first part (Senegal) appeared on 25 November 2000, the second (South Africa) on 17 February 2001 and the third (Brazil) on 10 March.

Team members

Dieter Telemans

Dieter Telemans (°1971) is a Belgian photographer. He studied and lives in Brussels, but grew up in Burundi, and Africa continues to fascinate him.

A working grant of €4,090.24 allocated on 13/09/2000.


  • Part 1: Senegal, De Morgen, 25 November 2000
  • Part 2: Gospel in South Africa, De Morgen, 17 February 2001
  • Part 3: Brazil: Carnaval in Salvador da Baia, De Morgen, 10 March 2001

One article in De Standaard Magazine on Friday 26 April 2002

The photographs were exhibited at 'Everybody SaïSaï - Heart of African Dance'. (1 May - 30 June 2002, Brussels).

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