WARSAW - Dreams of growing megawatts like tomatoes on a windowsill. Will energy cooperatives give power to the people?

Neither Poland with blooming energy cooperatives and dynamic changes in the law in that matter, nor Romania, with no law whatsoever considering collective production of energy, is ready for a green transition.

During weeks of investigation on Polish and Romanian energy cooperatives it was revealed that without the modernisation of power grids and good laws (or any law) and a true move away from fossil fuels, citizen energy production is not possible. Implementation of European Law is far behind schedule and in both countries authorities do not prioritise this topic.

In Romania to the extent that the responsible institutions and authorities do not communicate either at the European or local levels. The European Commission does not have any instruments to pressure these changes. Both countries challenge high energy prices and energy poverty to grow with climate change.

📷 Silviu Matei: www.outdoorphotography.ro

Team members

Edyta Iwaniuk

Edyta Iwaniuk is a Polish journalist, editor and anthropologist

Edyta Iwaniuk

Marius Daea

Marius Daea (Romania) is a freelance investigative journalist.

Marius Daea

Asociatia Eurolife - Sudverst

Sudvest.ro provides the only independent news from Targu Jiu (Romania).


Gabriele Crescente

Gabriele Crescente is Europe and environment editor at Italian weekly Internazionale.

Gabriele Crescente

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