I am working alone across two different countries. Am I eligible to apply for a European Cross-Border grant?

No, only teams of professional journalists from at least two different countries are eligible to apply for a grant.

I am a staffer at a media organisation? Can I apply for an honorary?

No, only freelancers can apply for an honorary (we call it a working grant, i.e. salary or compensation for their time).

I am a freelancer. How can I budget my working grant (compensation for your time)?

You can request the median monthly salary for a journalist per your country of residence.

I am not a European citizen, but I am a resident of a Council of Europe member country. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you are as long as you live and work in a Council of Europe member country.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount for a European Cross-Border grant?

No, the amounts vary per project and depend on the duration of the investigation, the number of team members and the topic. You have to make a realistic budget.

Could I receive a per diem allowance while I travel during the investigation?

No, you cannot receive a per diem allowance. European Cross-Border grants cover travel-related expenses, such as transportation (flights, train tickets, car rentals, gas, tolls, etc.) and accommodation costs. They do not cover costs for food or per diem allowances.

Members of our team are based in Africa, Asia or the Americas? Can we include them in our investigation?

Yes, when relevant to your investigation. Investigations must have a European affairs focus.

I would like to buy/rent equipment (cameras, microphones, software, etc.) for my team’s investigation. Do European Cross-Border grants cover those costs?

No. European Cross-Border grants do not cover costs for software or hardware equipment, neither the rental of office space.

I am writing a book. Can I apply for a European Cross-Border grant?

Applications for long-form journalism, such as documentaries, series, and books are welcome. The team, however, has to include more than two journalists from two different Council of Europe member countries and the topic must have an investigative angle.

I would like to self-publish our investigation on my own platform.

You are welcome to publish parts or your investigation in its entirety on your own platform or blog. We request, however, two letters of intent of publication from editors of media in two different countries as part of your application, that will be independent of your platform.