Ákos Keller-Alánt is an investigative journalist based in Budapest, Hungary.

He currently writes for the weekly political magazine Magyar Narancs, specializing in internal affairs and economics.

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Ákos Keller-Alánt
Hungarian politics, economics, data journalism

Supported projects

How Viktor Orbán is exporting his illiberalism

  • Corruption
  • Economy

BUDAPEST - In our project, we’ve discovered how businessmen related to the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán were buying up media outlets in Slovenia. 

Hungarian PM, Viktor Orbán is supporting the leader of the Slovenian far-right, Janez Janša. Orbán offers the help of his allies and hundreds of million forints from the Hungarian taxpayers.

The Hungarian “Zuckerberg” who keeps Orbán’s system alive

  • Corruption
It’s getting ever harder to gain access to public interest data in Hungary. This is particularly problematic, taking into consideration that reporting on the government’s abuse of power and the endemic corruption is one of the last remaining checks and balances in Hungary.