Aleksandra Jolkina is a former Deutsche Welle journalist who now works in academia.

She has over a decade long experience in journalism and has been involved in several cross-border investigations, including two projects supported by For her work, she has received multiple fellowships and awards, such as the Medien-Mittler zwischen den Völkern fellowship in Berlin and the Cancer World Journalism Award (special commendation for an investigation into cancer drug prices across the EU). From 2015 to 2021, she was based in Bonn where she covered European and world affairs for the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle.
Alongside her work in journalism, Aleksandra completed a PhD in law at Queen Mary University of London (2021). She has since transitioned to academia, where her research focuses on EU free movement, migration and asylum law.

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Basic information

Aleksandra Jolkina
EU free movement, migration & citizenship law, Eastern Europe, Russia, post-Brexit developments in the UK

Supported projects

Insane Prices

  • Healthcare
  • Science

RIGA - There are important disparities in the price of cancer medicines within the 28 EU member States. New cancer drugs are incredibly expensive for patients in some Eastern member states or simply not available because of shortages.

Latvian Brides, Asian Grooms, British Isles

  • Trafficking

RIGA - Hundreds of women come to Ireland each year to marry non-Europeans – with the sole aim of securing visas for their new husbands. Most of them are from poor Eastern European states such as Latvia and Lithuania, where the offer of a few thousand euros is enough to lure women into such a “sham marriage”.