Alex Hofford is a wildlife campaigner for WildAid, an NGO that focuses on reducing demand for endangered species.

Alex Hofford is a photojournalist based in Hong Kong, where he has lived for over a decade, using the city as a base to cover stories in Greater China. He is also the regional representative for the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA).
Since arriving in Hong Kong in 1998, Alex has carried out hundreds of editorial assignments across the region, having worked mainly in Asia, but also in the Middle East and Africa. During this time, Alex has built up a large digital stock library of documentary images.

Much of Alex’s work focuses on environmental issues. He has been on numerous assignments in the Pacific Ocean for Greenpeace covering the problems of marine pollution, shark finning and over-fishing. He is currently working on toxic e-waste, air pollution and solar power issues in China.

Alex is British and has a young family. He was born and raised in Cambridge and educated in London.

Basic information

Alex Hofford
Wildlife Campaigner, WildAid
Climate, ivory, shark fin, wildlife crime, marine conservation
Hong Kong SAR China

Supported projects

Chinese Flying Money: the secret key to China’s international trading success

  • Corruption
  • Organised crime
  • Trafficking

WINDHOEK - The single greatest obstacle that law enforcement officials have in combatting wildlife crime and related smuggling is the lack of a money trail that can be used as evidence in court to secure convictions against the key organisers of such transactions.

Where the Cape abalone ends up: shucked abalone shells on top of a non-descript building in New Territories, Hong Kong, where almost all abalone smuggled from Africa ends up as part of the fei qian chain before being smuggled into Mainland China.