Alice Taylor is a British freelance investigative journalist and writer since 2016 after spending seven years working in corporate law firms.

Currently Alice lives in Albania. She covers corruption, financial crime, human rights issues, gender equality, and media freedom in both Albania and Malta, living currently in the former and having lived for a decade in the latter. 

Alice speaks and writes in English and Albanian, contributes to local and international broadcasts on the topics she covers, and gives regular talks in universities and colleges on writing, media, freedom of expression, and life as a freelance journalist in the Balkans.

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Alice Taylor
Corruption, financial crime, human rights, gender inequality, media freedom

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Exporting fraud: How a scam on public hospitals in Malta reached the poorest, most corrupt European countries

  • Corruption
  • Healthcare

MALTA - The model for the privatisation of Malta’s public hospitals negotiated by now disgraced Minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, with the approval of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, was exported to Balkan States with weak democratic structures that enable large-scale corruption.