Andrea Rehmsmeier lives and works as a freelance journalist in Hanover, Germany. 

Her specialty is background reporting on topics such as energy, organized crime, the military or reporting from Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. She works for public radio (Deutschlandfunk, WDR, SWR, etc.) and writes for newspapers and magazines (Der Spiegel, Zeit, FAZ, etc.). After studying Slavistics at the University of Bielefeld, she specialized in journalism at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Research in Hanover.

Basic information

Andrea Rehmsmeier
Freelance Journalist
Money laundering, environmental crimes, international relations, Central and Eastern Europe

Supported projects

Frog Smugglers in Slovakia: The Illegal Trade With Endangered Animals Worth Millions

  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Trafficking

BRATISLAVA - A couple from Slovakia imported hundreds of frogs from Central America to the EU, completely legally. However, the woman was later apprehended in Germany, where police seized over 100 frogs from her. Some of them of the kind which was never in history imported to Europe legally. Turns out, her husband is a well known person for conservationists in Panama, and for all the wrong reasons.