Beatriz Jiménez Tejero. Investigative journalist at Grupo Merca2, Spain.

More than 15 years of experience in press and television in Spain and Latin America. I have worked in El Mundo (Spain), La República (Perú), Latina TV (Perú), La Sexta (Spain) and spanish public television (TVE). Winner of the National Journalism Award of Peru 2015.

Beatriz Jiménez Tejero

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Beatriz Jiménez Tejero.
Investigative journalist

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Asbestos: The Lethal Legacy

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

Asbestos is more lethal than previously known. New figures, recognised by the EU institutions, show that 70,000-90,000 Europeans die of asbestos related cancer each year.

Jesús Ropero died of mesothelioma shortly after this interview. This worker at CAF, a multinational train manufacturer in Spain, removed blue asbestos with his own hands. Photo: B. Jimenez Tejero