Clementine Metenier is a French freelance investigative journalist doing radio reportages abroad. 

She works on local stories about refugges, agriculture and social issues in France, and carrying long-term investigations for Le Monde Diplomatique and La Revue Dessinee. 

For her work, she has traveled to Georgia, Ivory Coast, Bosnia, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin, Moldova, and Bhutan. Her radio reports were broadcasted by RFI, RTS, RTBF, and Radio France.

Convinced by the power of the radio medium to empower people to tell their stories, she is regularly doing radio workshops for pupils, students, people with mental illness and NGOs. 

For her impact and other stories you can read here. 

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Clementine Metenier

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The bitter seeds of Christmas

  • Environment

GEORGIA - Each year in December, 80 million Christmas trees are sold across Europe. The majority of these, 45 million, are Nordmann firs who have their origins in the Caucasus region. 80 % of the Nordmann trees cultivated in Europe come from seeds harvested in Western Georgia.  

Photos taken by Julien Pebrel