Damien Spleeters (1986) is the Deputy Director of Operations at Conflict Armament Research.

He was a freelance journalist who examined the use of Belgian weapons in modern conflicts and investigates the Belgian arms brokers. 

His research on the Belgian weapons used in Libya, funded by the Fonds pour le Journalisme, was published in Belgium (Le SoirLa Libre BelgiqueLe Vif/L'Express, Apache, De Morgen, VRT) and in the USA (The New York Times). 

In 2014, thanks to a Fulbright program, he was able to pursue a Master’s degree at the Columbia University Journalism School in New York City.


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Damien Spleeters

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Belgian arms depot in Libya

  • Armed conflict

Belgian military forces in Mali are at risk of being shot with Belgian weapons and munition that have fallen into the hands of Islamic rebels. The weapons come from Libya but were furnished by previous Belgian governments, material evidence and archive research shows. They have been circulating in the Arab world since the Libyan revolution.

Little to fear: arms dealers in Belgium

  • Armed conflict
  • Security

In 2003, Belgium adopted a law intended to control arms brokers. This law doesn't meet the European requirement and, furthermore, has never been applied by the authorities, although the problem was well known.