Filip Michiels (1969) is a Belgian independent journalist and works for De Standaard, Trends, Mediafin, Feeling and De Morgen magazine.

He graduated as a translator (Dutch-French-Spanish). After his studies, he started as a journalist.

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Filip Michiels
Economy, Migration

Supported projects

Circular migration: an innovative win-win model

  • Migration

SENEGAL - Following the example of some twenty German top companies, over the past two years, a handful of Belgian companies have also joined a pilot project on circular migration for highly educated African youth. They come to work in Belgium for a few months in a company that offers them a full-fledged job, build a network here and gain a lot of business experience, after which they return to their homeland to take the lead themselves.

The Belgo-Brazilian construction mafia

  • Organised crime
  • Work

Several ten thousands of illegal Brasilians work on Belgian construction sites. They are also known as the ‘new Poles’. Journalists Nico Schoofs and Filip Michiels of Vacature Magazine lay bare the shady business behind the exploitation of those cheap labourers.

The business behind Dubai’s business prostitution

Last year, Dubai emerged as the most important non-European destination for Belgian business travellers, thanks to its strategic location, the booming real estate market and an especially high concentration of stinking rich people. Journalist Filip Michiels and photographer Isabel Pousset travelled to the small emirate on behalf of Vacature Magazine and discovered that Dubai has a whole lot more to offer to the exhausted business traveller: prostitutes.